6 Invigorating DIY Beauty Treatments Using Lemons

6 Invigorating DIY Beauty Treatments Using Lemons

I enjoy discovering new ways to take care of my skin. Unfortunately, many of the products available are SO expensive, looking is about all I am able to do! When I learn new ways to MAKE my own skin care products, well, I’m all over it! Especially when those homemade products include lemons. I LOVE the fresh smell of lemons so using lemon based products on my skin is a win-win for me! Woman’s Day offers a selection of 6 skin care products made with lemons that you can create at home, including the Lemon Peppermint Foot Scrub in the photo! Time to break out the mixing bowls! Mama is creating beauty!

Lemon Skin Care

Stop Calling It Guilt!

I like watching courtroom programs like Law & Order & Perry Mason. One thing they have taught me is the meaning of guilt. In my opinion, guilt implies a misdeed has been done. Sometimes, such as on these shows, the misdeed is a terrible crime, someone has broken the law. At other times, people have done something bad that may not be criminal but is still looked down upon by society. In these case, people are not only guilty. They should feel guilty. They have done something very bad!
Unfortunately these days, we not only misuse the word “guilty” we OVERUSE it. Especially women. We tend to feel guilty about everything. It often seems we believe we have done something wrong, sometimes many things, over the course of a day. None of these things is criminal nor have we committed a wrong act that might be considered bad by society. No, the only judge & jury of our misdeed is in our own minds. We are the only ones that THINK we have done something  wrong. Or are we?
You see, I believe it isn’t guilt that we are feeling. I believe it is FEAR.  We aren’t guilty of doing something wrong, we are simply afraid others will think we have done something wrong, even if it is only wrong in their minds. We worry what people might think, what they might say, what they might do. We fret & fume over every act wondering constantly if we are doing the right thing. Tell me, who is it that determines what is right?
Well, that’s part of the problem. In this day of immediate internet access to information, we are able to find multiple opinions to help (or hinder) every decision. We worry that we might be criticized on social media by well meaning friends & family once we make a decision. AGH! How is anyone expected to raise a family, run a home, have a career, have a LIFE with everyone staring over our shoulders?
I have some suggestions to help you make the best decisions but those are for another day. For today, I would like to offer one small thought. Fear is the opposite of faith. Perhaps we need to strengthen our faith in order to reduce our fear. The verse I share on the graphic with this post comes from the story where Jesus calms the storm. The disciples were in a panic. When they wake up Jesus, begging him to do something about the storm, He asks them why they are so afraid. “Don’t you have faith?” Jesus let’s them know that strong faith overcomes the greatest fear.
So, it appears the first step reducing our fear, our guilt, is to strengthen our faith. And I can help! More to come!

Mother’s Day Tea Party


Tea Parties are my very favorite way to entertain. I keep it simple and plan things out so I am able to enjoy the event with my guests. These ideas from Country Living allow you to host a fabulous Mother’s Day Tea for the Moms in your life!


Sweet & Special Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother’s Day is coming soon. Time to plan something special for Mom! This doesn’t mean expensive or elaborate. However, it does mean something thoughtful & special. Rather than investing money, invest some thought & your time to give your mom a special day she will remember.  Southern Living offers a selection of ideas to help you plan a wonderful day for Mom. Spend some time studying them. Talk to other members of your family. Then, show mom how much you appreciate everything she does for all of you! Enjoy!

Sweet & Special