6 Invigorating DIY Beauty Treatments Using Lemons

6 Invigorating DIY Beauty Treatments Using Lemons

I enjoy discovering new ways to take care of my skin. Unfortunately, many of the products available are SO expensive, looking is about all I am able to do! When I learn new ways to MAKE my own skin care products, well, I’m all over it! Especially when those homemade products include lemons. I LOVE the fresh smell of lemons so using lemon based products on my skin is a win-win for me! Woman’s Day offers a selection of 6 skin care products made with lemons that you can create at home, including the Lemon Peppermint Foot Scrub in the photo! Time to break out the mixing bowls! Mama is creating beauty!

Lemon Skin Care

Sweet & Special Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother’s Day is coming soon. Time to plan something special for Mom! This doesn’t mean expensive or elaborate. However, it does mean something thoughtful & special. Rather than investing money, invest some thought & your time to give your mom a special day she will remember. ┬áSouthern Living offers a selection of ideas to help you plan a wonderful day for Mom. Spend some time studying them. Talk to other members of your family. Then, show mom how much you appreciate everything she does for all of you! Enjoy!

Sweet & Special

24 Handy Ways to Use Mason Jars In Your Kitchen

24 Handy Ways to Use Mason Jars In Your Kitchen

Mason jars are all the rage these days. Who knew you could use those dusty old jars sitting in the back of grandma’s pantry so many different ways? And so many different FABULOUS ways! Country Living has a few more uses for these incredibly adaptable receptacles. So many ways to use mason jars around the house, it’s amazing there are any left over for canning!