How to Build a Raised Bed

Weeds & pests are the scourge of every gardener. Sometimes I feel I spend more time weeding & fighting bugs than I do enjoying the fruits of my labor. I don’t like to use chemicals in my garden so I often feel I am fighting a losing battle. Sound familiar? BHG has a solution for the problems of weeds & pests without the chemicals. Growing your plants in a raised bed helps prevent garden pests & weeds. Yes, it takes an investment of time & money to do this but, take the time to do it right, use materials that will handle the elements & you can enjoy your raised beds for years to come! Enjoy!

Raised Beds

8 Housekeeping Secrets Every Mom Should Teach Her Kids

Like Martha Stewart, I believe keeping a house is an art. We need to change our thinking. It’s NOT house cleaning. It’s housekeeping or, as I like to think of it, home keeping. Keeping a clean & organized home helps reduce your stress & helps keep everyone in the family well. Now, I don’t mean you must keep a spotless house. You want to create a home & I believe a loving home & family includes some clutter.

Creating a home, keeping a home takes practice. By teaching your kids this practice as they grow up, you can help them appreciate the art of keeping a home. Good Housekeeping offers 8 tips to help you, & your kids, get started. What if you have been rather, well, LAX about keeping your home tidy & organized? Nothing to worry about. These tips work for grown-ups too! Enjoy!


Enjoy our FREE Digital Book: Teachers’ Devotions to Go

Teachers' Devotions to Go

Nobody ever said teaching was easy. Between the students, their parents, the paperwork and the principals, sometimes you don’t know if you’re coming or going! In the day to day shuffle, it’s all too easy to lose sight of the truly important things.

Teachers’ Devotions to Go reminds you why you became a teacher in the first place and helps you focus on what really matters.

Through Scripture and her personal experiences in the classroom, teacher Diane Stark offers tips to make you a happier, more productive teacher and even make you chuckle along the way.

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Teachers DTG