An Effortless & Elegant Easter Buffet

An Effortless & Elegant Easter Buffet


My mother & grandmother always set up buffets for family entertaining. This allowed everyone to visit with one another without having to sit down to a formal meal. A  buffet also allows family members to come & go as needed. Sometimes people need to come early & leave early while others may arrive later. No one needs to feel left out because of a work schedule, small children or other family event when you set up a buffet for your family event.

Easter is a wonderful time to set up a buffet. A buffet enables you to serve a variety of dishes throughout the day. Also, a buffet allows your guests to contribute dishes of their own to your event. You can set your table so guests may eat at the table or you can arrange your home or yard so people are able to eat wherever they are comfortable.

Good Housekeeping offers you tips & ideas to make your buffet easy to create & fun to attend. Take the stress out of your Easter this year. The bunny won’t be the only one hopping with joy! Enjoy!

Easter Buffet

39 Blank Wall Solutions

Many of us will be spending A LOT of time indoors over the next few weeks…. Or months! I feel it’s important for our homes to be comfortable & welcoming for you & your family. Your home should be a retreat where your family can relax & recharge at the end of the day.

Decorating your home in a way that pleases your family is important. Finding ways to decorate your walls is one aspect of creating a wonderful home. BHG share a selection of ways for you to decorate the blank walls in your home or update a wall that has become boring. Enjoy!


Source: 39 Blank Wall Solutions