14 Crafty Valentine’s Day Wreaths

14 Crafty Valentine's Day Wreaths

All your Christmas decorations are down & put away, or soon will be. Boy does your house look bare! After a month, give or take, of decorations & lights, your home suddenly looks dull. Not a problem! Valentine’s Day is not too far away. All the decorations of red, pink & white add just enough color to your home to chase away the winter drabs. Let’s face it! When all of outdoors is done up in gray, white & muddy, it’s nice to come home to those happy Valentine colors.

I tend to decorate primarily with $ store items. This year, however, I plan to add a few touches I make myself, including a wreath or two. Good Housekeeping is ready to help you create your own Valentine wreath (or two) with this selection of 14 DIY wreaths. Now you can add color to your entire home! That should chase the winter blues away! Enjoy!

Valentine Wreaths

25 Cozy Ideas for Fireplace Mantels

25 Cozy Ideas for Fireplace Mantels

Our house doesn’t have a fireplace so we don’t have a mantel. However, I do have 2 sideboards in our dining/living room that I decorate throughout the year. Autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas have now all passed. It was easy decorating for those seasons. Valentines Day is approaching but you may not want to put those decorations up yet. You may want something simple. You may even want something that you can maintain throughout the year, simply adding a few seasonal touches when needed. Southern Living agrees! They have created 25 cozy mantels for your home. These ideas can be used on a mantel, sideboard or any flat surface in your living room. Create a beautiful focal point for your home with one of these ideas. Or combine 2-3 to create a look that is unique to your home & you! Enjoy!

Cozy Mantels

The Power of 5


In business and life, it’s mandatory to set goals. Earl Nightingale defined success as the progressive realization of a predetermined goal. Without goals, you are on the journey of life without direction. Would you begin a long trip with no idea which road to take to reach your destination? Then why would you continue on the most important journey of all, your life, without a clear idea how to proceed? Perhaps the problem is a lack of vision. I find many people are unable to set goals, to lay out a predetermined path for their lives because they have no idea where they want to end up once they arrive. In that case, it becomes necessary to establish your ultimate destination before you begin. This enables you to set goals that take you farther and farther along your path, toward your goal.

As a blogger, writer, podcast & more, I must constantly set goals for my life & business. I must have a clear idea where I am and where I want to go to lead my life along that path. When I first began this process, I found it to be overwhelming. How do I determine where I need to go? How do I decide where I should end up at a predetermined time in my life? What steps do I take along the way to ensure I arrive at my destination? I was working to set goals for the coming year and found myself unable to proceed. I was in trouble.

As I reflected on goals, I realized it was not enough to think only of the coming year. To have a productive year, I needed to be working on goals that helped me accomplish my long term goals. That meant I needed to set long term goals for my business and life.

When I first sat down to do this, I came up with a long list of items that I wanted to accomplish in the coming year alone. As I studied the list, I realized I was setting myself up for frustration. All I was creating was a list of items that would be carried over, uncompleted, from year to year. I didn’t want this. I believe goals should be achievable but have stretch. I wasn’t certain what to do.

Then it hit me. I remembered something I had read in one of my Mary Kay Ash books. Mary Kay advised her sales consultants to follow her example of only setting 5 goals a day. By listing only 5 items on their to-do list, Mary Kay from her own experience knew that anyone could easily accomplish the things they needed to get done for the day. The list was to be created at night before going to bed. I had been using this technique for a while and found it worked very well. If I needed to make phone calls, I would make the calls 1 item on the list but no more than 5 calls. If I needed to make more than 5 calls, then I would create another item on the list.


So, I began to think, why not use the same technique for setting long term goals? The Power of 5 was born. It’s very simple. I went 5 years into the future. I personally find it is easier to go forward and work my way back than the other way around. I thought about my business. What did it look like? What had I accomplished? What was I on the verge of accomplishing? Then I made a list of 5 things that I had accomplish 5 years in the future. I always write each goal in present tense, as if it were a reality, which it is. You see, once I create the goal and commit it to paper, once I accept the possibility of it being accomplished, my mind begins to subconsciously create ways to accomplish the goal. My mind accepts each item as reality and acts on it accordingly.

Next, I considered a year from now. To be a year closer to accomplishing my 5 year goals, what 5 things do I need to accomplish in the coming year? Then, I thought a month ahead. What 5 things did I need to do to bring me a month closer to the annual goals? Each week, I study the monthly goals and set 5 goals for the week that bring me closer to accomplishing the monthly goals and each evening, I study the weekly list so I can set goals that insure each day helps me to complete the weekly goals.

I am finding it much easier to accomplish the items on my list because they are not overwhelming. If I finish all 5 things on my daily list, then I refer to my weekly list and decide what else I might do to whittle away at the week tasks. Just like eating an elephant, I bring myself one bite closer to those 5 year goals everyday.


You can create your Power of 5 list anytime. Right now is the perfect time. Sit down and look 5 years into the future. Who are you? What are you doing? What are you about to accomplish? Create a list of 5 things that you see happening right then. Your goals should reflect the different aspects of your professional life. For example, if you are an author and speaker, you want a goal for each of these areas. You want each item to be as specific as you are able to make it. If the items are vague, you are not going to accomplish them. Your mind cannot act upon a vague idea. You need to give your mind a specific goal upon which it may act and accomplish.

Next, come back to one year in the future. What 5 things do you need to accomplish in one year’s time to be on schedule for your 5 year goals? Then go to a month out. What do you need to accomplish by then to complete your annual goals? Then set goals for the coming week to nibble away at your monthly goals. Finally, each evening before you go to bed, make your list of 5 for the following day. Study the list from that day. If you did not accomplish something, determine why. You might have set a goal that was too big to be finished in one day. Learn from that mistake and create more realistic goals to avoid frustration. Perhaps something came up to prevent you from finishing the list. That happens sometimes. Resist the urge to beat yourself up and add the item to tomorrow’s list. Perhaps the task doesn’t even need to be done. Then cross it off the list and forget about it Tomorrow is an opportunity for a fresh start. Take advantage of it

The Power of 5 is a great tool to help you accomplish the incredible goals you see ahead of you. Using the Power of 5 enables you to answer God’s call & fulfill His plan for your life with greater ease & focus!

Purpose vs. Call


This verse works so well with today’s post. God has a plan for each & every one of us. Every person ever created, ever born is given a purpose by God. Our purpose is the work God wants us to do during our time here. Everyone has a purpose. Not everyone fulfills their purpose. Some decide to ignore their purpose, following a path of their own choosing, resisting the signals that urge them to follow a certain path. Some people even make a terrible decision as they fight their purpose.

Only believers, Christians have a call. Our call is our way of helping to fulfill the Great Commission. Your call might not be in ministry. In fact, some of the most powerful calls are outside the church. These calls enable us to impact our families, communities & beyond in very powerful ways.

With our purpose, God leads us to the tools we need to fulfill it. We have experiences, we have an education, the people in our lives, our personalities. Our call, once again, goes further. For our call, God not only leads us to those tools, He also provides us with Spiritual gifts & the Holy Spirit. These 2 things enable us to go beyond anything we thought possible with our own abilities.

I know this may seem confusing so let me give you some examples. Your purpose might be teaching. Your call might be reaching out to underserved children. You purpose might be raising your family. Your call might be volunteering in the neighborhood or focusing on the spiritual development of your children. You might have the purpose of working in an office or in a entry level job. Your call might be to encourage & support your co-workers, to create a more positive work environment.

Currently, Mr. D (my hubby) works overnights at Walmart. Not the most glamorous job but it helps support us as we build our ministry. It’s a job that allows him to pray as he works. It’s a job he can leave easily when God leads him to the next step. For now, Mr. D’s call is to encourage & support his co-workers. He remains positive. He helps the women lift items up to hire shelves. I help him remain strong by telling him to stay focused on his current call.It gives him more satisfaction.

In 2018, it’s time to ensure of your purpose, then identify & answer your call. God has a plan for your life. Before you can begin, you need your purpose & your call. So begin already! 🙂

14 Dollar Store Buys That Can Organize Your Entire Home

It can be very easy & VERY inexpensive to organize your home  however, if you are like me, you may find yourself overwhelmed trying to determine how to begin  we moved into a new house 2 months ago & I am still sorting through things, tossing some & trying to decide how to store the things I want to keep. Good Housekeeping is helping me with this task with this collection of organizational ideas for the entire house.  What I like best is the fact the tools for these tips come from the DOLLAR STORE! YAY! Let’s tackle our clutter one bit at a time. Before long, the job will be done! Enjoy!

14 Dollar Store Buys That Can Organize Your Entire Home

6 Invigorating DIY Beauty Treatments Using Lemons

6 Invigorating DIY Beauty Treatments Using Lemons

I enjoy discovering new ways to take care of my skin. Unfortunately, many of the products available are SO expensive, looking is about all I am able to do! When I learn new ways to MAKE my own skin care products, well, I’m all over it! Especially when those homemade products include lemons. I LOVE the fresh smell of lemons so using lemon based products on my skin is a win-win for me! Woman’s Day offers a selection of 6 skin care products made with lemons that you can create at home, including the Lemon Peppermint Foot Scrub in the photo! Time to break out the mixing bowls! Mama is creating beauty!

Lemon Skin Care

Sisters of Simple Joy Director Training Introduction



I believe strongly in training. I know it might seem tedious to some but I feel people often fail because they have not been properly trained. Rather than suggest women start their own Sisters of Simple Joy chapters & then leave them on their own to oversee the group, I have created training for the directors. These guidelines help you begin & grow your group as you & each member encourage & empower all the members.
I am adding a link to the worksheets to each lesson. I would suggest you create a notebook for your group so you can keep everything, including your training, within the book.
Each lesson also has a YouTube video that goes with it. These are audio recordings that allow me to instruct you on each lesson. Very soon, I plan to host a live training session for directors. I want you to succeed so we are able to grow a strong nationwide network of women.
If you have any questions, please contact me. Enjoy!