How to Build a Raised Bed

Weeds & pests are the scourge of every gardener. Sometimes I feel I spend more time weeding & fighting bugs than I do enjoying the fruits of my labor. I don’t like to use chemicals in my garden so I often feel I am fighting a losing battle. Sound familiar? BHG has a solution for the problems of weeds & pests without the chemicals. Growing your plants in a raised bed helps prevent garden pests & weeds. Yes, it takes an investment of time & money to do this but, take the time to do it right, use materials that will handle the elements & you can enjoy your raised beds for years to come! Enjoy!

Raised Beds

Raise Your Own Veggies

I believe everyone should raise SOME of their food. Even if it is simply a small pot with fresh herbs, I think it is important to do it. Why? Even if you only begin by growing a little basil in a pot, as you enjoy the difference fresh food gives your dishes, you will want to begin growing more fresh herbs. Then you may want to try a veggie or two. Even a tomato plant in a pot with some lettuce growing around it can be done no matter how big or small your growing space may be.

I also believe it is important for children to learn the art of gardening. It’s important for them to understand the cycle of producing food, from seed to table. I also think it’s important for children & adults alike to understand the benefits of serving & eating food that is free of chemicals, food that you know has been grown in a safe & healthy environment.

Southern Living is offering you tips & ideas to help you begin your first veggie garden or expand your current garden. Word of caution! Start small. It’s easy to get excited about all the great veggies you see, causing you to plant a garden thT is too big for you to maintain. Instead, plant throughout the season. Some veggies need the hot days of summer while others prefer the cool days of Autumn. Keep it manageable. Keep on planting. Enjoy fresh veggies throughout the year! Enjoy!

Veggie Garden

Easy Button Crafts for Kids


I LOVE making things with buttons! there is such a variety of buttons available these days that make your craft projects pop. You can also buy various sizes & colors of buttons in bulk to make your projects even easier & less expensive.
These projects are for the kids. Summer days should be spent outside in my opinion but there are those rainy days that spoil outdoor fun.When that happens, you need to be ready with boredom busting projects. These bright and easy crafts use buttons to create darling projects. From BH&G

My Doris Day Life

terry & I wedding day

I wrote this post 5 years ago. I wanted to share it with you on this Valentine’s Day. Mr. D & I met 40 years ago this summer & we celebrated our 37th anniversary last October. We have been through a lot together, some of it very hard but we have always stuck together. God brought us together & He keeps us together in good times & bad. I hope you enjoy the story of how we met! Happy Valentine’s Day!

I always tell people my life is a Doris Day movie. This was never more true than when I met the infamous Mr. D.

My senior year in college, I lived in a trailer in a mobile home park out in the country. I wasn’t afraid to live alone but the wind blew a lot and the trailer tended to rattle. So, I began sleeping with the radio on every night. And 6 night a week, as I slept, I listened to the deep voice of the overnight announcer, Terry Duckworth. Every morning at 6 AM, I would sit up and turn up the volume of the radio so I could listen to Mr. Duckworth talking and joking with the morning guy, Dennis Lyle.

During the summer, my last semester of school, I heard the radio station was holding an event at the local mall and the announcers from the station would be there. I decided to go to the event, hoping I might see and possibly meet Terry Duckworth.

I remember seeing him walking in the door of the mall. In fact, I watched him all evening, even catching him looking at me from time to time. I wanted to go up and talk to him but all I could think to say was, “I listen to you on the radio all the time!” How lame! So, I just stared.

The last thing they did at the event was a dance contest with each announcer handing out albums to participants. When it was over, I watch as a young girl approached Terry. She wanted to exchange the album she received. At 6’6″, he just stared her down until she went away! I went home without ever talking to him.

That night, I listened as usual, now able to put a face to the voice. I was even more intrigued. During the night, Terry was going on and on about the little girl that didn’t like her FREE album. Strangely enough, Dennis Lyle, the morning guy, happened to be going home while Terry was on the air. This was strange because Dennis got up about 3 or 4 and went to be early. Terry went on at midnight. Dennis heard Terry talking about this girl.

The next day, I woke up as usual, turned up the radio volume and laid back down to doze. Dennis brought up the little girl. Dennis mentioned he had given his albums to his friends in the crowd. Terry said he used his to score points with girls. In fact, he said, “There was this one girl I was watching all evening, a tall chick with blond hair.”

My eyes flew open, I sat up in bed and scream, “Oh my gosh, he’s talking about me!” I have no idea what they talked about after that. Instead, I began a day long argument with myself as to whether or not it was me Terry meant. That night, I finally decided to call and ask him. If I was wrong, I would hang up and he would never know who I was.

My heart was beating so hard when he answered the phone. “I think you were talking about me this morning. I think I’m the tall chick with blond hair. “Were you wearing a black shirt with a scarf around your neck?” I almost dropped the phone. It was exactly what I had been wearing.

We talked for awhile on the phone. Then he asked me if I would like to come over to the station. I did and we talked all night. The next morning, I invited him to my place for breakfast. We talked for hours until I had to leave to attend a church event in St. Louis. He asked for my phone number and when I would be back. He told me he would call and he did.

Once in St. Louis, I found my best friend and told her about the past two days. I began the conversation with the strangest statement, “Last night, I met the man I’m going to marry!”

June marked 36 years since that fateful night at the mall. October marks our 34th anniversary. You know what? My Doris Day Life just keeps getting better!

The 25 Most Genius Home Organization Tips We Learned This Year

The 25 Most Genius Home Tips We Learned This Year

Getting & keeping things organized around the house is an ongoing challenge! It seems like we no sooner get one area set up the way we want than we realize another area is a total mess! HELP! Christmas doesn’t help, either. On top of the normal clutter, we now have to deal with all these decorations & other  paraphernalia that goes along with it. DOUBLE HELP!

Good Housekeeping is ready to throw us a life line with these fabulous tips to help us organize some of the worst areas of our home. I always find if I am able to organize an area, even just one area, and keep it that way, I am more encouraged to tackle the rest of the problem. Be strong! Just one thing at a time & soon you won’t believe the difference. Enjoy!

Home Hacks