How to Build a Raised Bed

Weeds & pests are the scourge of every gardener. Sometimes I feel I spend more time weeding & fighting bugs than I do enjoying the fruits of my labor. I don’t like to use chemicals in my garden so I often feel I am fighting a losing battle. Sound familiar? BHG has a solution for the problems of weeds & pests without the chemicals. Growing your plants in a raised bed helps prevent garden pests & weeds. Yes, it takes an investment of time & money to do this but, take the time to do it right, use materials that will handle the elements & you can enjoy your raised beds for years to come! Enjoy!

Raised Beds

80 Healthy Casseroles

Healthy Casseroles

Casseroles have always been a favorite of mine. Long before there were slow cookers, there were casseroles, these wonderful one dish meals you could put together ahead of time, freeze & serve hot from the oven any night of the week. The beauty of casseroles is the limitless possibilities & the incredible way they use up all your leftovers! There is no right or wrong with casseroles. They are a hearty one-dish meal that’s perfect for a cold winter night. Simply add salad & dessert! Instant meal!

To get your creative casserole juices flowing, Cooking Light offers a HUGE selection of 80 healthy casseroles! They may be healthy but they are full of flavor & all your favorites! This should keep you busy for awhile!

Healthy Casseroles

Download Today’s FREE Digital Book: Real Moms Devotions to Go

Real Moms Devotions to Go

Most devotional books for moms focus on the sweet, touching aspects of motherhood. Real Moms’ Devotions to Go is for the harried, tired mom who is long on love, but short on time.

It gives the reader real-life stories that she can easily identify with and the added benefit of concrete, stress reduction techniques that she can quickly learn and use.

Real Moms’ Devotions to Go not only entertains, but nourishes as well. It has a down-to-earth, realistic approach of the devotions and the mental health aspect of the stress management portion of the book.

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Raise Your Own Veggies

I believe everyone should raise SOME of their food. Even if it is simply a small pot with fresh herbs, I think it is important to do it. Why? Even if you only begin by growing a little basil in a pot, as you enjoy the difference fresh food gives your dishes, you will want to begin growing more fresh herbs. Then you may want to try a veggie or two. Even a tomato plant in a pot with some lettuce growing around it can be done no matter how big or small your growing space may be.

I also believe it is important for children to learn the art of gardening. It’s important for them to understand the cycle of producing food, from seed to table. I also think it’s important for children & adults alike to understand the benefits of serving & eating food that is free of chemicals, food that you know has been grown in a safe & healthy environment.

Southern Living is offering you tips & ideas to help you begin your first veggie garden or expand your current garden. Word of caution! Start small. It’s easy to get excited about all the great veggies you see, causing you to plant a garden thT is too big for you to maintain. Instead, plant throughout the season. Some veggies need the hot days of summer while others prefer the cool days of Autumn. Keep it manageable. Keep on planting. Enjoy fresh veggies throughout the year! Enjoy!

Veggie Garden

Easy Button Crafts for Kids


I LOVE making things with buttons! there is such a variety of buttons available these days that make your craft projects pop. You can also buy various sizes & colors of buttons in bulk to make your projects even easier & less expensive.
These projects are for the kids. Summer days should be spent outside in my opinion but there are those rainy days that spoil outdoor fun.When that happens, you need to be ready with boredom busting projects. These bright and easy crafts use buttons to create darling projects. From BH&G

Enjoy our Digital Book: Fast Food Diva’s Devotions to Go


Fast Food Diva Devotions to Go is filled with humorous stories that meet women on the go where they spend much of their time, waiting in line at fast food restaurants.

Fast Food Diva’s Devotions to Go helps women make healthier fast food choices for themselves and their families by offering menu suggestions from many fast food chains.

The stories are short, poignant, fun to read, and easy with which to identify. Each day’s story includes a Scripture verse, prayer, and spiritual encouragement for the moms and grandmas who will purchase the book.

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