9 Festive Wreaths to Make for Thanksgiving

9 Festive Wreaths to Make for Thanksgiving

You KNOW how much I LOVE wreaths! Especially now that I have learned how to make them! I am enjoying my time spent developing ideas for new wreaths & then creating them. I keep my wreaths simple so they may be personalized by the women who buy them. Each wreath is unique to every other wreath I make. The wreaths also allow me to create a new welcome for my front door each season, event & holiday!

Offering guests to your home a warm welcome this Thanksgiving season is a blessing. The perfect wreath allows you to let each guest know how special they are to you even before they ring the bell. Creating your own Thanksgiving wreath doesn’t need to be difficult at all. To prove the point, Good Housekeeping offers 9 beautiful wreaths for you to make for Thanksgiving. While you might not make all 9 of them, you may find it hard to stop at one! Wreaths add such a touch of Simple Joy, not just to your front door but throughout you home this Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Wreaths

Ideas for Fall Decorating

Ideas for Fall Decorating

As much as I love Christmas decorations, I like to wait until Thanksgiving weekend to put them up. How do I fill the void between Halloween & Christmas then? By letting Autumn  inspire me! Using natural decorations & the vivid colors of Fall allows me to decorate my home for Thanksgiving without having to use turkeys & pilgrims everywhere!

BHG shows a variety of ways to decorate your home for Fall. Simple ideas that add color to your home & will be easy to take down when it’s time to bring out the Christmas decorations! As the weather turns cool, then cold, add warmth to your home when you bring Autumn inside!

Autumn Decorations

30 Effortlessly Beautiful DIY Fall Centerpieces


Centerpieces make a lovely addition to your table, especially on special occasions like Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, centerpieces can be VERY expensive to purchase & often very hard to make yourself. Not a problem! Country Living has put together a collection of fall centerpieces that are beautiful AND effortless! I like to shop the $ stores for florals to save money on my centerpieces as well. When you can add inexpensive to the list, you can really be thankful!

15 Last-Minute Halloween Decorations You Can Make in a Flash

15 Last-Minute Halloween Decorations You Can Make in a Flash

It’s not too late to plan a Halloween party for friends & family. To help you prepare your home, Country Living offers a selection of easy to make decorations to prepare your home for the celebration. What’s nice about some of these decorations is the way they help you transition your home from Halloween to Thanksgiving. The project in the photo is the perfect example of a transitional decoration. Enjoy!

22 Thanksgiving Crafts to Make for Your Harvest Celebration


I love to decorate my home for different Holidays or occasions. It doesn’t have to be hard or expensive to do this. All it takes is a bit of creativity & the $ store! There are so many ways you can add Thanksgiving touches to your home. In fact, I try to decorate for Halloween in a way that makes it easy to covert to Thanksgiving!

Not sure where to begin? Good Housekeeping offers an extensive list of craft ideas to help you prepare your home for Thanksgiving. Invite some friends over to your home & have a craft party to increase the fun! Enjoy!

Gluten-free Pumpkin Cake Bars

gluten-free pumpkin cake bars

Every year, Fall arrives with its plethora of pumpkin recipes. Everyone you know is so excited to get their pumpkin fix for the season. Everyone but YOU! If you can’t enjoy recipes that contain gluten, many of those pumpkin recipes are on your No-No list. Boy, that sticks!

Not so fast. King Arthur Flour offers this wonderful recipe for Pumpkin Cake Bars & they are gluten-free! Now you can share a pumpkin dish at the Autumn Potluck or prepare your family’s new favorite dessert. Now when people tell you how much they enjoy all the pumpkin food available in the Autumn, you can look at them & say, “Me Too!” Enjoy!

gluten-free pumpkin cake bars

30 Sweet and Savory Pumpkin Recipes to Get You Pumped for Fall


Nothing says Autumn like pumpkins. This time of year, there are dozens of pumpkin products in stores & restaurants for us to enjoy. I love the way my home smells when I make pumpkin bread. What a wonderful, welcoming fragrance for any home!

I always pick up a few pumpkin products to enjoy but I also like making my own pumpkin goodies. Therefore, I am ALWAYS looking for new recipes that use pumpkin. How wonderful that Good Housekeeping offers, not just a few but 30 pumpkin recipes for all of us to try!

What is your favorite pumpkin recipe? I invite you to share it with me & other women. It’s always fun to learn all the creative ways we use such a basic ingredient like pumpkin. Enjoy!

Sweet & Savory Pumpkin Recipes