5 Beautiful Floral Arrangements for Easter

5 Beautiful Floral Arrangements for Easter


Time to bring Spring into your home with these FABULOUS Easter floral arrangements. Wy wait until Easter to enjoy? You can create one of these beautiful arrangements NOW & enjoy another for Easter! I LOVE the simplicity & elegance of the arrangement in the photo. Absolutely incredible! So save some money this Easter & create your own arrangements!


Easter Arrangements

9 Showstopping Desserts to Complete Your Easter Feast

9 Showstopping Desserts to Complete Your Easter Feast

I love good food. Share a wonderful meal with family & friends is one of my very favorite things. Easter offers us the opportunity to enjoy a variety of dishes. You can host an Easter brunch after church or have everyone over for Easter dinner in the afternoon. No matter when you celebrate Easter with your family, these fabulous desserts from Betty Crocker will top off your meal in grand style. I like to use dessert as the centerpiece for my table, placing the cake or pie on a raised cake stand & surrounding the base with flowers & decorations. Imagine how beautiful your table would look with the cake in the photo as your centerpiece! Your guests may have a hard time resisting! Enjoy!

Easter Desserts

Best Egg Bakes for Easter

Best Egg Bakes for Easter

Easter morning can be VERY busy. The kids are excited to begin hunting for candy & eggs. Church bells call you to worship. Family may be coming over. With all this confusion going on around you, it becomes difficult to make a filling, but simple, breakfast for your family. Thank Heavens for Betty Crocker. She offers you a flavorful selection of  egg casseroles for Easter breakfast or brunch. You can put the dish together the day before & have it in the fridge, ready to bake. Add fresh fruit, juice & coffee & you begin Easter in a wonderful way. Enjoy!

Egg Bakes