Take Time to Pamper Yourself Everyday

Breakfast on my porch
Breakfast on my porch
I originally posted this a few years ago when we still lived in our home in Old Towne Orange. I feel the thoughts are still valid. It’s important for women to take time to pamper themselves every day. Let me tell you how:

A year or so ago, I was chatting online with a group of young moms. Someone asked if any of us had done something special for ourselves that morning, something simple. Everyone gave a variety of answers but my response caused the greatest uproar. Ok. Maybe uproar is going a bit far but WOW! I was surprised by the comments made by the other women in the chat. What did I say I had done for myself? I told them I had enjoyed my breakfast on my front porch!

You were expecting something more dramatic, weren’t you? Nope, just breakfast. Now I admit, I fix things up a bit, as you can see in the photo above.  I put a cloth napkin on my small table. I use my glass plate, cup & saucer. But you will not my meal is not elaborate. I believe the day in question, I had yogurt with berries, juice, croissant & coffee. I put layered the yogurt & berries in a parfait glass. I put my juice in a wine glass. Big deal! I had to put them in something, didn’t I? By the response I received, you would have thought I had my breakfast catered! What did the women say? Most of them felt they simply didn’t have the time to do something this extravagant. Hey! It’s just breakfast on my front porch!

How sad that we are so driven these days that something as simply as taking your food out onto your front porch seems like an extravagance! You can’t allow yourself the pleasure of sitting outside with the meal you are going to eat anyway & enjoy nature, the neighborhood, your thoughts? We all need some down time. We all need a few moments throughout the day to slow down & consider “What’s Next?” As women, I believe we need to pamper ourselves each & every day. Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you. If they do, GREAT! Extra pampering! Otherwise, you must take time to treat yourself well.

For me, breakfast on the porch, with a few special touches, is a simple, low stress way for me to pamper myself. Rather than bolting down my food in front of my computer (& later being unable to remember just what I ate!) I can relax for a moment, gather my thoughts, prepare for my day & enjoy my yard, neighborhood, nature & most important, myself. BTW, don’t tell anyone but I’ve even been known to eat my DINNER on the front porch!

How have you pampered yourself today? You say you haven’t! Well, no time like the present. It takes so little to treat yourself well! And it’s such a Simple Joy!

2 thoughts on “Take Time to Pamper Yourself Everyday

    1. I know how hard it is to find time for yourself. Even if you are only able to take 5-10 minutes at a time during the day to do something special for yourself, sometimes, that’s all it takes. Thanks for sharing! ❤😊

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