Simply Sweet Valentine’s Day Dessert Recipes

Simply Sweet Valentine's Day Dessert Recipes

What’s Valentine’s Day without a little something sweet? Even just a small bite can make your day. BHG is ready to make Valentine’s Day sweet for you with these delicious recipes. The cheesecake bites in the photo look wonderful. And I LOVE how the strawberries have been shaped into hearts. Make something sweet to share with your sweetie & be sure to enjoy some yourself! Enjoy!

Sweet Treats

What’s for Dinner: Crock Pot Chicken

Butterflied chicken breasts
Butterflied chicken breasts

Tonight’s dinner is chicken, “baked” potatoes & green beans. I used skinless, boneless chicken breasts. Covering the bottom of my crock pot with the chicken, I then covered the chicken with water & sprinkled on low sodium soy sauce for flavoring.

Foiled covered chicken
Foiled covered chicken

After covering the chicken with a sheet of foil, I cleaned my potatoes, pierced them & wrapped them in foil. I place the potatoes around the edge of the pot to help seal the foil on top of the chicken. I then put the crock in the pot & cook on high until dinner.

Wrap potatoes tightly in foil
Wrap potatoes tightly in foil

I am simmering green beans in my small crock pot. Dinner is cooking & I am able to focus on other things!

Potatoes around edge to seal in chicken
Potatoes around edge to seal in chicken

Oh, chocolate chip cake mix cookies for dessert!

Easy & delicious. No time to prepare in the morning? Simply put dinner together the night before. Place crocks in your fridge until morning. Cook on low if simmering all day, high if less than 6 hours. Make certain you post notes for yourself so you remember to put your crock into your pot. Enjoy!

Cake Mix Gooey Butter Cookies

Cake Mix Gooey Butter Cookies

Growing up in St. Louis, Gooey Butter Coffee Cake was one of my favorite things. Years later, I enjoy creating & making cake mix cookies. Imagine my delight when I saw that Betty Crocker had combined 2 of my very favorite things! I admit I haven’t tried this recipe yet but I promise I am going to make them as soon. If you make them before I do, let me know what you think of them. Enjoy!

Cake Mix Gooey Butter Cookies

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

Valentine's Day Crafts for Kids

I have always felt the best gifts are handmade. This is especially true when the gifts re from kids. Take time to teach your kids that gifts don’t need to be expensive. They simply need to be heartfelt. this selection of Valentine crafts for kids offers projects to decorate your home or share as a gift. Perfect for those cold afternoons at home! Enjoy!

Valentine Kid Crafts

8 Steps to Effectively Share your Message Step #8: Have Others Share Your Message

I had thought of calling this step Get Someone Else to Do It but decided to be more tactful. It is however, your goal.My favorite part of Tom Sawyer is when Tom is told to paint a fence & he motivates other boys to do it for him. What an incredible example of leadership! It’s a hot dirty job & he manages to make it look inviting, so inviting the other boys BEG him to let them do the job!

An Inventive & Effective Leader

This is clever on so many levels. First, Tom knew exactly who he needed to recruit for the job at hand. Second, he made a dirty job look good. Tom gave those boys a vision of the mind-numbing job of fence painting look so good they BEGGED to do it for him! Third, while it would have take Tom alone a long time to finish painting the fence, the group of boys churned it out in no time. Dividing up the work assigned to 1 person among a group people made the task easier & quicker to accomplish. Fourth, while Tom had to get the ball rolling, beginning the painting himself, once he recruited others to help out, Tome was able to sit back & let the work continue without his help.

Following Tom’s Example

Now, I know Tom Sawyer is not used as an example of effective leadership, although perhaps he should be. You can however, learn a lot from Tom’s example, discovering ways to promote & share your message by getting others to do it for you.

Recruit the Right People

First, you have to determine who the right people are to recruit for the job. Look for bloggers, podcasters, etc that have a message that compliments yours. It might be on a topic you have considered using but felt it would pull you too far off your focus. This allows you to offer your market information you would like to create without having to spend the time researching & writing. Once you have found a few people, you want to recruit them to help you share your message with their audience.

Make It Look Good

Tom made a hot dirty job look good which encouraged the boys to ask to help. You need to made the job of sharing your message look good to others so they willingly offer to do it. How? By showing them what’s in it for them. You want to create a partnership with them that is mutually beneficial. Contact them & ask if you can share their site, material, broadcasts, etc with your audience. If you have a podcast, ask about interviewing them. When you post the material, be sure to send them the link. I like working with women that are just starting out. They are so excited for the exposure & I like helping them. When the article, post, program is available, they share the link with EVERYONE THEY KNOW! This drives new people to your material. Be sure to provide links to your other resources so visitors can learn more about you.You can also share links to their sites on your site in exchange for them doing the same for you. Or share their book, program whatever in exchange for doing it for you. This is all mutually beneficial.

Many Hands Make Light Work

Finding the right people & sharing their material or interviewing them takes time. Eventually though, it makes less work for you. The more people you help, the more people you are able to reach. Tom could have recruited 1-2 boys to paint for him. Instead, he recruited a group that should have been able to knock the job out in no time. It took time for him to recruit that many boys but it paid off in the long run. It will take time for you to recruit the right people but it pays off in the long run. The people you help drive a new audience to your sites without you spending any money. You must simply invest the time at first.

Finally, They Come to You

After Tom had recruited a few boys to paint, I imagine other boys began to show up ASKING if they could paint too. tom would no long need to recruit helpers. They would come to him, wanting to participate.The same thing will happen to you. At first, you will need to find people whose material you can promote. You will need to keep doing it day after day. Eventually, however, you will reach the tipping point where the process takes on a life of its own. It happens slowly at first. Just one person here & there asking you to share their message. Drip, drip, drip until the rush begins. Soon, your mailbox is filled with people asking to be interviewed, wanting you to share their book, seeking to have you promote their site.

At this point, like Tom, you can sit back & watch the work continue without any effort on your part. Well, almost. You still have work to do. However, your listeners, subscribers, numbers continue to grow without any effort on your part. All you need to do is help other people & continue to create new content. Not bad, huh?

In Conclusion

So, there you have it. It takes time to go through the entire process. Not every message will need the entire process. Let’s face it, not every blog post can be turned into a book! You can, however, follow the steps as far as each topic takes you. This systematic way of building on your message saves you time & helps you focus & grow your brand with less stress & greater success!

25 DIY Valentine’s Day Crafts Everyone Will Love

25 DIY Valentine's Day Crafts Everyone Will Love

At Valentine’s Day, television is filled with commercials for expensive gifts. I have much simpler tastes. I enjoy a bit of chocolate & last year, the loving Mr. D gave me a pound of my favorite coffee beans & a vintage cocktail shaker. I tend to make his favorite dinner & I bake cookies & brownies. I like homemade gifts or simple things I come across when I’m out. Consider the sweet handmade gifts you have saved over the years from your children. I still smile when I look at one of our handmade treasures made by The Child!

This Valentine’s Day, remember it is the thought that counts & take time to make a few of these charming gifts from Country Living. Enjoy!

Valentine Gifts

Fix-and-Freeze Soups & Stews

The weather is snowy & cold here in so much of the country right now. This is the perfect time for soup. I have a big pot of vegetable soup simmering in my large slow cooker. I plan to add a salad & pumpkin muffins, homemade of course, to make a wonderful winter supper.

Soup is one of my very favorite foods. There is no limit to what you can add to soup. People often ask me what I put into one of my soups. I’m not always able to tell them because I tend to add a bit of this & a little of that. This is what makes soup so great for me.

while I like creating my own soup concoctions, I also like new ideas. Southern Living share a variety of soups you can make, serve & freeze to enjoy later. I always make enough soup so I can freeze some for later. Thanks, Southern Living! Enjoy!

Source: Fix-and-Freeze Soups & Stews

8 Steps to Effectively Share a Message Step #7: Develop a Keynote/Workshop

 At this point, you have been working on this topic for quite awhile. You’ve shared it on your blog, written a booklet, done podcasts & more. Now it’s time to share it with a live audience.


Whether you speak to your audience in person or on the internet with a webinar, you need to be certain your message is ready to share. You can always go back & edit everything you have done up to this point. You can’t edit what you said during a live presentation once that presentation is over. You CAN record each presentation, FORCE yourself to listen to it & discover ways to improve either the material or presentation of that material.

Never Rush It

I know it’s easy to jump into doing a live presentation right away. We all over the thought of adoring fans hanging on our every word. This ego boost is what gets most people over their fear of public speaking. You must, however, wait until your message is finely tuned before you share it with a live audience.

Keynote or Workshop

How do you know whether your message should be a keynote or a workshop? I always look at keynotes as being inspirational. They may encourage you to take action, may even offer you steps to help you TAKE that action. During a keynote, people tend to listen more than write. During a workshop, people take notes. A workshop is a how-to session, teaching people ways to take specific action in a step-by-step presentation. You can use the same material for both.

About Keynotes

The keynote needs to be a trimmed down version of your material. It should encourage your audience to begin the process outlined in your material. It should offer people enough information that they might put your advice to work, even if on a limited basis. For those wanting more information, your keynote should encourage them to purchase your book without sounding like an infomercial. In other words, leave them wanting more!

About Workshops

Your workshop should also leave them wanting more. While it is more detailed than a keynote, you don’t need to share EVERYTHING that’s in your book. Find helpful ways to point out the additional information that can be found on your blog, podcast & books.

It All Prepares You for This!

Speaking to a live audience enables you to connect more directly with your market. You must however be prepared personally & with your material before you step in front of the microphone! Every other step before this prepares you AND your message to do the job well!

15 Valentine’s Day Mason Jar Ideas You’ll Fall in Love With

15 Valentine's Day Mason Jar Ideas You'll Fall in Love With

Mr. D always goes with me when I shop for materials to create my products. Once upon a time, he dreaded these trips but lately, he has discovered a fascinating world of gadgets & gizmos & tools & more that keep him occupied while I shop. Believe it or not, I like to get in & out quickly so I can get home & back to creating. I often have to search for Mr. D when it is time to leave & then he has to show me the latest thing he has discovered. A few months back, he was tickled to see all the colors Mason jars are now offered in. I explained that Mason jars are not just for canning anymore. Case in point, this marvelous selection of Valentine crafts created with Mason jars. I would say you are going to love them but Country Living has already done so in their title. So instead, Enjoy!

Mason Jar Valentines