How-to Make Your Home a Comfort Zone


I believe many families view their home as a quick stopover between activities. Home is where you drop in to grab a quick bite, shower & change or get some sleep. Home is more like a vacation motel for many families. WRONG-WRONG-WRONG!
Your home is the place where your family should find peace and renewal. Your home should offer a retreat for you and your family, a retreat from the outside world. We can’t always control conditions in the world but we should strive to make our home a place of comfort where everyone in the family can recharge before going back out into the world.
Create a retreat in your home takes time. You must determine the mood you wish to create and how you are going to accomplish it. To help you begin the process, Woman’s Day offers these tips and ideas for creating comfort in your home. Use them to stir your creative juices and before long, your family will see your home as more than a stopover.

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