13 Ways to Use Yellow Cake Mix

13 Ways to Use Yellow Cake Mix

I LOVE recipes that use cake mix. I rarely make scratch cookies anymore but I do make plenty of homemade cookies using cake mix. My pumpkin spice muffins are made from cake mix. There are so many things you can make using cake mix besides cake! Now I have more ways to make simple & fabulous desserts using yellow cake mix thanks to Betty Crocker. Betty offers us 13 recipes all using yellow cake mix! I like to stock up on a variety of flavors whenever they go on sale or I see a special price when I am shopping. Now I need to stock up on yellow cake mix! Oh, I’m going to need to make more room in my pantry! Cake mix recipes make it so easy to serve a sweet treat for any occasion! Thanks to Betty Crocker! Enjoy!

Cake Mix Recipes

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