FREE for Your Family: A Digital Bible Study for Lent

I originally considered offering my Lenten family Bible Study, Now, What Am I Going to Do? as a $1 download. After much thought & prayer, I have decided to share it with you at no charge. You heard me right (or read me right!) It’s FREE!

I think it’s important during the special season in our faith, like Advent & Lent, to spend time each day sharing stories from the Bible in our families & discussing what they mean for us today.

This Bible study came about because a certain expression annoyed. I mean it REALLY annoyed me! Everyone was asking “What Would Jesus Do?” Oh, come on! We all know what HE would do! He would do the right thing. The real question is, “Knowing what Jesus would do, what are YOU going to do?” It’s not about what Jesus would do, it’s about what we should do.

This 40 day study (they don’t count Sundays during Lent) focuses on various events in Jesus ministry, what He did, what that means for us today & asks the question, “In a similar, modern situation, what should I do?” The question I offer each day are for both parents & kids. It gives you a time, each day to discuss situations that may tempt us to make the wrong choice, not a bad choice just a wrong one.

I also share a Lenten craft project I call the Kindness Tree. This helps your family focus on doing small acts of kindness each day throughout Lent.

I hope you enjoy this study & share it with other families. Lent is a time for us to reflect on all the wonderful things Jesus did for us in His ministry before He did the greatest thing for us ever!

Download your book by clicking HERE.

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