Little Less Conversation

When Jesus was born, Rome was in charge of Israel. Israel had asked Rome for protection from their enemies & Rome agreed. In exchange, Rome would collect taxes. The census would give Rome an idea how many people there were & how much to tax. Yes, this is a very simplified version of the story. Just want you to get the idea.

Israel didn’t really like Rome being in their country but there wasn’t much they could do about it. They prayed for a deliverer like Moses or a warrior like David, someone that would return control of the Holy Land to God’s people. Some people thought this was what Jesus was going to do for them. They thought Jesus would raise up an army & drive Rome out of their land. He didn’t. He had other work to do. 

In the Gospels, Jesus doesn’t talk about the Romans. Oh,  a year once or twice but He had other things to do. Jesus focused on doing the work Hid Father wanted Him to do. He healed people. He fed people. He taught people. He developed leaders. He showed tremendous respect to women in a society where women had no voice, no rights. Jesus focused on loving God with all His heart & loving His neighbor as Himself.

Here’s the thing: Jesus didn’t waste time complaining about what the Romans did or didn’t do for the people. Jesus didn’t waste time talking about how SOMEONE should do something. Instead, He did things to make life better for others AND He taught His followers how to care for the people when He was no longer around to do it Himself, in person!

Now, I wonder what we can take from this?

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