Handmade Valentine’s Day Cards

Handmade Valentine's Day Cards

Valentine’s Day is second to Christmas with the amount of money spent on gifts. I would never pick on anyone for spending their own money on a gift, any gift for someone. However, too many people feel pressured to spend money they don’t have on gifts for holidays like this. I honestly DO believe it is the thought that counts. Rather than spending too much on a gift this year, you can make cards for those near & dear. BHG offers a selection of cards you can make alone or with others.

Here’s a suggestion for you: Gather your friends & their children. Make a variety of cards for Valentine’s Day. I mean LOTS! Then deliver them to a local nursing home. Call the home first to let them know you are coming. Explain the cards are for the residents that never receive cards or gifts on holidays. What a fantastic way to show your love to someone you may never meet! You will make their day & teach your children a lesson that money can’t & never will buy! Enjoy!

Valentine Cards

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