Christmas Countdown C -25



Sorry to state the obvious but. Christmastime is stressful, especially for women. Our schedules are already full then we add all the Holiday tasks & activities to our busy, busy lives.

Over the years, I have heard many women wishing for December 26. They view Christmas as a necessary ordeal they endure for the sake of their families. Many of these women find no personal joy in the season.

I myself struggled with Christmas for years. I put unnecessary pressure on myself to make everything perfect which is an impossible challenge under normal circumstances. Add to it the fact I work in a church that produce a large Christmas pageant that began rehearsals mid-November & performances running through December 30 & you can see how I was setting myself up for, well maybe not failure but an incredible amount of stress.

Finally, it occurred to me that I was completely missing the message of the season. I reminded myself that God didn’t send His Son just to cause me stress each Christmas! Once I got that through my thick head, I was able to get a better handle on things. And now, I want to help you!

The #1 secret to reducing Christmas stress is planning. The #2 secret is breaking all your tasks down into smaller pieces & spreading them out over the entire season. Rather than pushing yourself to do it all at once, you can just do a simple task each day until everything is done!

From now until Christmas, I am sharing a tip, idea& advice to help you reduce your stress & put the joy back into the season. In addition, I am offering you decorating ideas, craft projects, recipes & more!

Christmas is a very special time for families. However, if mama isn’t joyful, no ones joyful! Let’s work together to give your entire family a very Merry & Joy-filled season!

Christmas Hugs & Blessings!
Jean Ann

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