Join Jean Ann & the Infamous Mr. D for A Life of Simple Joy


Every Thursday evening at 8 pm ET, 7 pm CT, 6 pm MT & 5 pm PT for A Life of Simple Joy podcast. Our program is an hour filled with information to help you reduce your stress & live a life filled with joy!

During the Holiday season, we are focusing on topics to help you enjoy Thanksgiving & Christmas even more. This week on LOSJ, Mr. D & I are discussing Thanksgiving shopping & cleaning. Both these tasks can leave you exhausted. Yet they both need to be done so we show you ways to simplify them.

In addition, we will have the chat room open. Visit us to ask questions or offer tips of your own. Or you can send me an email to ask your question or share your tip or recipe. I always give credit to others so be sure to include your name, city & state so everyone knows who gave us that Fabulous idea!

Never miss a program, whether you listen live or listen later. Follow our program so you always know when a new episode it available for you. You never know when I might decide to go on the air & you never want to miss a moment! Follow A Life of Simple Joy by clicking HERE!

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