Enjoy our Digital Book: Moms of Teens Devotions to Go


There are many phases in parenting but none compare to that of parenting teenagers in this day and time. This phase can be filled with joy while at the same time present a unique set of challenges.

In Moms of Teens Devotions to Go, Robin shares from her heart some of her own experiences with humor and transparency. She illustrates spiritual truths through short stories.

These truths help moms survive the long days by reminding them that our heavenly Father is able to keep that which we have committed to Him (2 Timothy 1:12).

Moms of Teens DTG

Enjoy our Digital Book: Divas in Disguise


Bible, too. Some of these women were desperate divas who thought they had everything figured out but really were self-centered and off-track. Others were divas in disguise – the kind of women most people might not want to socialize with but who actually were smarter than the others thought.

Divas in Disguise takes a closer look at some of these well-known (and not- so-well-known) women. Each day’s reading connects her story to today’s world, making it easy to see how we can learn from her all these years later.

Are you a desperate diva? Or a diva in disguise? Spend the next 5 weeks digging into their lives and discover for yourself.

Divas in Disguise

How to Plan a Winter Sledding Party

How to Plan a Winter Sledding Party

Oh, Baby it’s cold outside! Still, that doesn’t mean you must wrap up in a blanket & stay in all day. cold weather is the perfect time to throw a party! And what better way to entertain when the snow is blowing that with a sledding party! Country Living offers you all the tips & ideas you need to host a fabulous event on a cold winter week-end! Let friendship keep you warm this winter! Enjoy!

Sledding Party

Wonderful Winter-Break Breakfasts

I know many of you have made a commitment to enjoy healthier meals in 2015. I agree! But I also feel it is important to start the day off with a hearty, healthy breakfast. Not a huge meal but enough of the great fuel you & your family need to get going & keep going!
I’m sharing these fabulous breakfast ideas from Betty Crocker to help you create incredible breakfasts for your incredible family! Enjoy!

Winter Breakfasts