11 Genius Uses for Lemons All Over the House

11 Genius Uses for Lemons All Over the House

There are so many advantages to living in SoCal not the least of which are the lemon trees growing in my neighbors’ & friends’  yards. I am never out of lemons. They are so wonderful. I use them to smooth my elbows & heels, rubbing a half a cut lemon over both. It can be a bit messy but oh is it worth it!

Lemons are also great to use around the house. I LOVE the fresh smell! Good Housekeeping must agree. They offer a list of ways to use lemon in your home. Start the new year with a fresh smelling home & when you are done, make lemonade!

Lemony Fresh

104 Living Room Decorating Ideas

Start the new year with a new look in your home. It doesn’t take much to spruce things up. Country Living offers a assortment of ideas for you to use in your living room.

As they say, “Mix and match patterns, embrace bold colors, layer rugs, and so much more! Try these tips to create a pretty space to enjoy conversations with friends and family.” Enjoy!

Source: 104 Living Room Decorating Ideas

12 Amazing Slow-Cooker Appetizers

Hmmm! Slow cooker, recipes & appetizers. All they need to add is chocolate & I would swoon! Betty Crocker comes through just in time for your New Year celebrations & all those college bowl & play-off games. Yum! Enjoy!

From Betty Crocker: “These 14 appetizers aren’t only delicious, they’re made extra-easy with help from our favorite kitchen helper—the slow cooker! These 12 appetizers aren’t only delicious, they’re made extra-easy with help from our favorite kitchen helper—the slow cooker!”

Source: 12 Amazing Slow-Cooker Appetizers

26 Completely Genius Trash-to-Treasure Crafts


The Holidays will soon be over & a new year begun. For most of the country, that means cold, wet, snowy weather is ahead of us. It’s easy to hibernate under a throw when the weather is nasty, binge watching Netflix & eating comfort food all day. For Winter 2016, make a positive change! You can huddle under your throw watching your favorite show, season by season but instead of eating, create some of these wonderful crafts projects from Good Housekeeping. Each is a repurposed item project & you KNOW how much I LOVE repurposing! Get ready now before the weather gets worse by stocking up carefully on the items you’ll need to stay busy when the wind howls & the moisture falls! Enjoy!

Source: 26 Completely Genius Trash-to-Treasure Crafts

Pretty New Year’s Party Decorations

Pretty New Year's Party Decorations

Christmas 2015 is now over but the Holidays are still here! New Year’s Eve & Day are approaching & it’s time for us to plan our celebrations. Whether you have an intimate party for 2 or a gathering for 40, you should perk up your decorations for the event. Add a few festive touches to your Christmas decorations or simply add some party decorations to your home if you have already put Christmas away for the year. BHG has chosen a wonderful selection of New Year decorating ideas that are simple to add to your home before the guests arrive! Enjoy!

New Year Decorations

10 Tricks for Storing Your Entire Christmas Ornament Collection



Decorating for Christmas is so much fun. Putting it all away when the Holiday season is over, uh, not so much fun. Good Housekeeping offers tips & ideas to help make the task simpler & allow you to protect your ornaments until next Christmas. Enjoy!

via Christmas Ornament Storage Ideas – How to Organize Your Tree Ornaments.

17 Crowd-Pleasing Holiday Appetizers

17 Crowd-Pleasing Holiday Appetizers

Entertaining during the Holidays? Not sure you’ll have enough food for the crowd? Not a problem! You can ALWAYS add another appetizer to your spread! Betty Crocker is always prepared with a great selection of appetizers for your guests or just for the two you to enjoy as you sit by the tree enjoying a glass of wine. Doesn’t that Brie look yummy? Enjoy!

Holiday Appetizers

Festive Holiday Drinks

Festive Holiday Drinks

Special occasions call for more that a few bottles of wine hastily chosen & a tub of ice filled with beer. Time to move up to the grown up side of the bar! I agree that cocktails can be time consuming to mix when you are hosting a party. You might consider hiring someone to tend bar for you. This frees you up to mingle with guests & gives you the satisfaction of knowing the drinks are well made. A paid bartender should also be able to tell you what to purchase & how much you need to stock your bar for the event.

If hiring a bartender is not in your budget or your event is intimate enough not to warrant the expense, then consider creating just one of these fabulous concoctions from Coastal Living. A punchbowl filled with a special beverage, with more pitchers of the same chilling in the fridge, gets your party a special touch without  causing you emotional or financial stress. Enjoy!

Holiday Cocktails