Get Your Home Holiday-Ready in No Time

Get Your Home Holiday-Ready in No Time

I have been in crafting mode for weeks now. Preparing for 2 shows on the same weekend, there is glitter, thread & pieces of mesh all around my table!  It looks like a tornado went through the room! I guess one did ME! Time to get things cleaned up & organized for the Holidays! Before you go into a panic trying to clear up the everyday family clutter that may live permanently around your home, take a breath & take a moment to read this practical advice from All You. They offer ways to get your home ready for the Holidays without wearing yourself out! Then, you can relax with an eggnog & enjoy the season!

Holiday Prep

25 Ways to Show You Care

25 Ways to Show You Care

The Holiday season gives me the opportunity to show the people around me how much I care about them. I don’t have to spend a fortune in order to accomplish my goal. There are so many ways for me to show my appreciation for my friends. Midwest Living has created a wonderful list of ways for you to show others you care. They are so simple, you will wonder why you didn’t think of them yourself. Yet, as simple as they might be, each & every one of them might bring joy to one of the people on your list, a joy that stays with them throughout the year.

Ways to Care

7 quick autumn soups

I LOVE soup! I enjoy putting all the ingredients together in my slow cooker then smelling the delicious fragrance as the soup simmers all day. The variety of ingredients that go into the soup combine to create a unique flavor every time! Soup is perfect for those cold winter evenings, adding homemade rolls or bread, salad & dessert, like cobbler or crisp. While I like creating my own soup recipes, I’m always looking for new ideas  that I can make my own. These great recipes come from Sunset using the best veggies Autumn offers! Enjoy!

Source: 7 quick autumn soups

58 Delicious Holiday Appetizers Your Guests Will Love

Great appetizers set the tone for your special Holiday event. Whether you are serving one to whet your guests’ appetites before a meal or offering a selection at your Holiday Open House or Cocktail Party, appetizers should be planned carefully & made well. Coming up with something new or a selection can be challenging. Fortunately, Country Living has made the job easier for you with this fabulous selection. Enjoy!

Holiday Appetizers

Taking the Stress out of Thanksgiving

Celebrating Thanksgiving

November has begun! Thanksgiving is a few weeks away, followed by Christmas. I know this causes a lot of stress for some of you. The Holiday season holds no joy as you struggle to prepare for all the events & celebrations while trying to keep up with your regular tasks & schedule. I was one of those moms, praying for January 1 to arrive. Wishing I could just climb into bed & pull the covers over my head until the new year finally made its appearance. Then I learned how to take the stress out & put the joy back into the Holiday season. It isn’t tough but it does take commitment. Most of all, it takes planning. It’s all about working smarter, not harder.

This Holiday season, I want to help you reduce your stress. Beginning today, I am offer a selection of information designed to help you prepare. The information comes in a variety of formats: blog posts, podcasts, videos & books. Don’t find the info you really & truly need? Contact me & ask. I will do my best to find the very thing you need.

You see, I REALLY like the Holiday season. I like the celebrations. I like the decorations. I like the baking. I especially like the fact the Holidays are a time when I am especially thankful for my family, my friends & my very special relationship with the Lord, a time when I can celebrate the birth of Jesus with my family & friends! I want this Holiday season to be a celebration for you also! Let’s work together to take the stress out of the Holidays this year! Let’s make the Holidays a Simple Joy!