15 Last-Minute Halloween Decorations You Can Make in a Flash

15 Last-Minute Halloween Decorations You Can Make in a Flash

It’s not too late to plan a Halloween party for friends & family. To help you prepare your home, Country Living offers a selection of easy to make decorations to prepare your home for the celebration. What’s nice about some of these decorations is the way they help you transition your home from Halloween to Thanksgiving. The project in the photo is the perfect example of a transitional decoration. Enjoy!

Gluten-free Pumpkin Cake Bars

gluten-free pumpkin cake bars

Every year, Fall arrives with its plethora of pumpkin recipes. Everyone you know is so excited to get their pumpkin fix for the season. Everyone but YOU! If you can’t enjoy recipes that contain gluten, many of those pumpkin recipes are on your No-No list. Boy, that sticks!

Not so fast. King Arthur Flour offers this wonderful recipe for Pumpkin Cake Bars & they are gluten-free! Now you can share a pumpkin dish at the Autumn Potluck or prepare your family’s new favorite dessert. Now when people tell you how much they enjoy all the pumpkin food available in the Autumn, you can look at them & say, “Me Too!” Enjoy!

gluten-free pumpkin cake bars

25 Unforgettable Homemade Halloween Costumes Made from Recycled Materials

25 Unforgettable Homemade Halloween Costumes Made from Recycled Materials

Halloween costumes can be SO expensive! You spend a fortune only to see 5 other kids wearing the exact same costume. Every kid wants to wear something unique for Halloween. However, making a costume takes time & can also be expensive… or not! Good Housekeeping offers you a great selection of costumes you can make with recycled materials! I LOVE these ideas! You know how much I love repurposing items. What better way to repurpose something than making a Halloween costume out of it! Enjoy!

9 Poke Cakes Perfect for Fall from Betty Crocker

9 Poke Cakes Perfect for Fall

I remember the first time I tried poke cake. HEAVEN! Poke cake allows you to combine flavors, creating moist unique cakes for family & friends. Poke cake are great for potluck events, parties, & small get togethers. Now that the weather has turned cool, it’s the perfect time to begin baking & poke cake is a great way to begin.

Betty Crocker offers you 9 wonderful cakes including the Salted Caramel Apple Cake in the photo above. Enjoy!

9 Poke Cakes Perfect for Fall

Betty’s Best Fall Slow-Cooker Ideas

Betty's Best Fall Slow-Cooker Ideas

If you have been following this site, you know I LOVE my slow cookers. I love them so much that I have THREE of them! I am always looking for new recipes to try in my slow cooker. Preparing dinner in my slow cookers allows me to make great meals early in the day & then focus on other tasks. too many times in the past, I have gotten wrapped up in what I was doing only to realize it was close to dinnertime & I hadn’t planned anything! Anyway, Betty Crocker offers me (& YOU!) some fabulous recipes to help you plan & prepare meals this Fall. Enjoy!

Betty’s Best Fall Slow-Cooker Ideas

Glowing Outdoor Fireplaces Ideas

Glowing Outdoor Fireplaces Ideas

What a lovely thought! Relaxing on a cool Autumn afternoon or evening with a warm beverage or glass of wine, seated in front of your outdoor fireplace! I have always thought each of us should create an outdoor living space, even if it is just a small patch of space where you place a table & chair. Spending time in your outdoor room allows you & your family to spend time in a natural & relaxing place. Southern Living offers you a variety of ideas to help you create your own fireplace & outdoor space. Even if you can’t go large, you can still use some of these ideas for your home! Enjoy!

Glowing Outdoor Fireplaces Ideas