May I Take Your Order? Family Diner Dinner

May I Take Your Order?

May I Take Your Order?

Every few weeks, I offer my husband & daughter their choice of dinner items. I refer to this as Diner Dinner. I begin by making fries since I know they both will want these. I also prepare a tossed salad that I serve while I am preparing the other items. You can offer a selection of dressings to your family, just like the diner.

I plug in the griddle so it can heat up while I prepare other items. My offerings include:

  • Hamburgers;
  • Hot Dogs;
  • Grilled Cheese;
  • Tomato Soup;
  • Taquitos;
  • Egg Rolls.

Don’ get too excited about the menu. The egg rolls are from the $ store. I can heat the taquitos & egg rolls in the microwave. I prepare the grilled cheese, burgers & hot dogs on my griddle. The soup is prepared on the stove.

It doesn’t take long to fix & its fun for the family. Younger kids enjoy this type of meal. You can vary your menu based on your family’s preferences. Your items might include:

  • PB&J;
  • Mac & Cheese;
  • Tacos (frozen from & store)
  • Pizza Rolls;
  • Mini-pizzas;
  • Burritos.

Choose items that are quick & easy to prepare. If you have multiple burners going on your stove, you’ve defeated the purpose. Quick & easy is the trick!

Pudding cups or a scoop of ice cream for dessert tops off this fun meal. Use Diner Dinner occasionally to treat your family to an at-home, dining out dinner experience! Such a Simple Joy!

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