May I Take Your Order? Family Diner Dinner

May I Take Your Order?
May I Take Your Order?

Every few weeks, I offer my husband & daughter their choice of dinner items. I refer to this as Diner Dinner. I begin by making fries since I know they both will want these. I also prepare a tossed salad that I serve while I am preparing the other items. You can offer a selection of dressings to your family, just like the diner.

I plug in the griddle so it can heat up while I prepare other items. My offerings include:

  • Hamburgers;
  • Hot Dogs;
  • Grilled Cheese;
  • Tomato Soup;
  • Taquitos;
  • Egg Rolls.

Don’ get too excited about the menu. The egg rolls are from the $ store. I can heat the taquitos & egg rolls in the microwave. I prepare the grilled cheese, burgers & hot dogs on my griddle. The soup is prepared on the stove.

It doesn’t take long to fix & its fun for the family. Younger kids enjoy this type of meal. You can vary your menu based on your family’s preferences. Your items might include:

  • PB&J;
  • Mac & Cheese;
  • Tacos (frozen from & store)
  • Pizza Rolls;
  • Mini-pizzas;
  • Burritos.

Choose items that are quick & easy to prepare. If you have multiple burners going on your stove, you’ve defeated the purpose. Quick & easy is the trick!

Pudding cups or a scoop of ice cream for dessert tops off this fun meal. Use Diner Dinner occasionally to treat your family to an at-home, dining out dinner experience! Such a Simple Joy!

Today’s Featured Digital Book: Accessorize Your Life

Accessorize Your Life

The little black dress is a fabulous addition to your wardrobe. In it, you to fit in with other people in any situation yet its style allows you to express your individuality. Add accessories to the little black dress and you have a difference that makes you stand out.

Being like Jesus is exactly the same. We want to fit in with other people in a variety of situations while still maintaining our individuality. What gives us that difference are 10 accessories, qualities that made Jesus like everyone else but different. What are those accessories and how can you incorporate them into your life?

Accessorize Your Life: Discovering 10 Qualities to Create Life with a Difference helps you develop a selection of the 10 qualities through a 10 lesson Bible study. Each lesson offers a Scripture verse that exemplifies the quality, introduction and questions to help you better understand the quality and incorporate it into your life.

Accessorize Your Life may be done as an individual study or in a group. It contains a Leader Guide to help you set up your own Bible Study group.

Enjoy a positive and powerful difference in your life when you “put on” a selection of accessories with the Christ-like difference. Only $3


11 Genius Ways to Organize With Pegboards

11 Genius Ways to Organize With Pegboards

I still remember the pegboard my sister had in her room when I was growing up. So many interesting things seemed to hang on that board, items that fascinated this little sister. Pegboards seemed to have fallen out of favor for many years. Or perhaps they only went to live in the garage, basement & workshop where they hold tools & the like. Now, it seems, like most things, pegboards are coming back into favor. Good Housekeeping offers a selection of ideas to help you incorporate pegboards into your home. The board in the photo is very cute. I especially love the small frame attached to the board. Use one of these ideas or let them inspire you! Either way, Enjoy!