Introducing Shaunna Privratsky

Shaunna Privratsky

I wish I could tell you how long I have known Shaunna but it has been a long time. Shaunna began writing for me when I was first publishing my Simple Joy online magazine & that was close to 20 years ago. I could always count on Shaunna to provide me with informative articles filled with data, links & sound advice.

Shaunna is still providing me with articles. I am now going to share them here on my blog & in my digital books. Shaunna is a compassionate woman & a good friend. You would never believe we have never even met!  🙂

Let me share her official bio:

Shaunna Privratsky is an accomplished author of personal finance. Between writing, reading and gardening, she is in the middle of several spring projects. Please sign up for the free newsletters at The Discount Diva. You can also visit Shaunna on Google+

Now that I have officially introduced her, you will find her first article in the next post! Enjoy!