Bring Back the Bees: How to Increase your Garden’s Bee Population


In case you haven’t heard, bees are disappearing at an alarming rate. Bees are essential for plant production. It is imperative for us to take steps to keep the current colonies healthy & help increase their size & number. Lia Leendertz has shared a great article on discussing the problem of colony collapse & offering way each of us can help the bees. To read Lia’s article, please click HERE

Chickening Out: Grilling Perfect Chicken for the Backyard Barbecue Bash


Are you intimidated by backyard grilling, especially trying to grill chicken? We’ve all done it. One time the chicken is golden brown on the outside & undercooked on the inside. Then, in our desire to make certain the chicken is done through & through, we leave it on the grill too long, only to end up with something resembling shoe leather! It’s enough to make any backyard griller give up!

Well, help is here! Scott Thomas offers backyard grillers tips & techniques to create the perfect chicken for your next BBQ! Thanks to Scott & the good folks at, you can serve up a winner every time! Scott lives in St. Louis (where I grew up) so I KNOW his advice is FABULOUS!

Perfect Chicken