You’re Grown Up When I Say You Are!


Today is daughter, Katy’s birthday. She doesn’t like a fuss so I’m not going to say much about this fact except, Good God, when did she become a grown up? How can I have a 31 year old daughter? Facts are facts, whether I want to admit it or not. However, this is not about her birthday.

Katy is leaving in a few days to spend a week in London. She is going with a group from her former school, led by her favorite instructor. They are going to have a incredible time, seeing plays, traveling, meeting people & doing exciting things. So why do I feel like I’m sending my little girl to camp for the first time?

She’s traveled before. Even been to London. I don’t even have to DO anything to help her get ready. She paid for the trip, has bought the few things she needs for her time away. She exchange her money & purchase a special card she can use in England, like a debit card. She is laying out all her clothes & carefully planning every detail. In fact, she is taking care of everything just as she should. Yet, when I look at her, I see a little girl, not the mature woman she has become.

Of course I can’t tell her this. It would embarrass her & possibly aggravate her to pieces. It’s a Mom thing. Until she has kids of her own, she just won’t understand.

For now, I’ll keep asking if she remembered her toothbrush.. oh, and her passport. That’s important too. And I worry a bit & pray a lot until she comes back home. You see, she may think she’s a grown up but she’s not a grown up until I say she is… and I’m just not ready to say it yet!

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